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Young collectors will find a variety of sites here to help them discover what they would like to collect ...

Stamp Active ABPS - Stamp Active and other things
Exploring Stamps The Digital Philatelist
The British Postal Museum & Archive The Leading Resource for British Postal Heritage.
British Library Philatelic Collections Check this out before planning your next trip to London
UK Post Office Archive & National Postal Museum Click for lots of useful stuff
US National Postal Museum Have you visited the Smithsonian's Postal Exhibits? They also have a BLOG.
Check this out too: Stamp Domain for many useful links.
Home Hobbies: Stamp Collecting A USA-based site with helpful links to resources and how to get started
Colnect Stamp Catalog [US spelling] provides a comprehensive collectibles catalog
The Stamp Collecting Round-Up Interesting news, resources and links about stamps, stamp collecting and postal operations.
Virtual Stamp Club News items and host to various Chapters of the American Philatelic Society
British Thematic Association Thematic collecting (also known as Topicals) is a great way to get into stamp collecting.
American Topical Association Topical (aka Thematic) stamp collecting is the fastest-growing facet of stamp-collecting today.
Letter Box Study Group and
Paul's Letter Box Pages
Everything you needed to know about Letter Boxes!
Stamps Featuring Ships Dedicated to the study of philatelic material pertaining to watercraft on stamps, to sharing knowledge, to encouraging the growth of the hobby and to supporting the preservation of our maritime heritage.
Is Chess your game? Visit this Australian site to see "Chess on Stamps"
Linn's Stamp Weekly For information about United States and World Wide stamps
BNAPS Stamp Collecting For Canadian interest and useful information.
Links to other philatelic sites GB links and more, this way
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