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We need some rules for consistency and to deal with those awkward questions that have been presented to the Organising Committee over the years. So, the following are the General Rules and Procedures for Hampshire Philatelic Federation ('Federation') competitions. So if you are going to enter any of the competitions you owe it to yourself to read these at least once.


The Federation's Organising Committee will organise the judging and exhibiting of the following competitions:


Entries for the Howard-White, Jan Kaluski, and Hampshire Single Frame competition may be made in any of the following classes: Traditional (stamps), Aerophilately; Postal History; Postal Stationery; Revenues; Cinderella; Open; Thematic; and Picture Postcards.


All reasonable steps will be taken by the Organisers to protect the property of the exhibitor, including the issuing and checking of receipts. Each exhibitor, and/or the sponsoring Society in respect of Howard White entries, is to relieve the Organising Committee and their respective agents of all responsibility with regard to the insurance, loss or damage of their exhibit(s), however caused, whilst in their possession, or in transit to or from the Federation.


Each entry sheet (or page) is to be of a recognised standard size, not normally exceeding 250mm x 300mm (approx. 10" wide x 12" high). The entrant is to enclose each sheet of an exhibit in a transparent display cover. On the reverse of each sheet, the entrant is to write their name and the order in which the sheets should be mounted. Exhibits are judged and displayed in frames of sixteen sheets arranged in four rows of four sheets each. The arrangement is from top left along the top row and so on from left to right with the sixteenth sheet placed in the bottom right hand position in row four. The display cover should not exceed the height of the enclosed sheet as it may not fit in the frame.

Large philatelic items may look better on entry sheets wider than standard. Larger sheets (i.e. one and one half width, one and one third width, or double width) will be accepted. Multiples of such sheets must fit into the frame row (i.e. four standard widths = 1000 mm / 40 inches). The sheets must not overlap the frame. The large sheets must be properly enclosed in transparent display cover(s) and securely protected for transit and storage. Entrants wishing to exhibit large philatelic items are advised to check their requirements with the Competition Secretary, prior to submission, if in doubt.


Entrants shall only include in the exhibit, items that are their bona fide property. Where a photocopy (or other reproduction) is displayed it must be reduced by at least 25% of its actual size and clearly labeled as a copy. An introductory page is required for all classes of exhibit and a photocopy must be sent with the entry form.


No frame fee will be charged for the Howard White, Jan Kaluski and Hampshire Sixteen competitions. No medals will be provided for these competitions.


A separate entry form must be completed for each exhibit and sent with the appropriate payment to the Competition Secretary, to be received by the submission date stated on the Entry Form. Late submissions may be refused. A photocopy of the 1st page (plan for Thematic) is required with each entry form for all classes of exhibit.


All exhibits are to be sent, or handed to the Competition Secretary, to be received by the submission date stated on the Entry Form. Late submissions cannot be accepted due to Judging requirements.

Please note that if entries are to be returned by post the owner will be liable for secure postage and packaging.


The winners of the Jan Kaluski trophy and the Howard White Society / Club, or Howard White individual trophy, are not permitted to submit the same entry, or the same named entry for 3 years from the date of winning, regardless of how many sheets of the exhibit have been changed.


Where possible, all exhibits will be placed on display. If more exhibits are received than can be accommodated the Organizing Committee and/or the Judges, on their behalf, shall select those exhibits to be placed on display, in an endeavour to provide an exhibition of the highest quality commensurate with the widest scope of exhibits to cater for all philatelic interests.


Exhibits in any of the following categories will be judged and marked as indicated:

Marking Scheme: Traditional, Postal History, Aerophilately,
Postal Stationery, Cinderella and Revenue Classes
Philatelic Knowledge & Personal Study Treatment & Importance Relative Condition & Rarity Presentation Total
35 30 25 10 100
Marking Scheme: Thematic Class
Philatelic Knowledge & Thematic Study Title & Plan Development & Innovation Relative Condition & Rarity Presentation Total
30 35 25 10 100
Marking Scheme: Open Philately
Philatelic Knowledge & Research, Non-Philatelic Knowledge & Research Title & Plan, Philatelic Treatment, Non-Philatelic Treatment, Philatelic Importance, Non-Philatelic Importance Relative Condition & Rarity Presentation Total
35 30 25 10 100
Marking Scheme: Picture Postcard Class
Knowledge & Research Idea and Plan & Treatment Relative Condition & Rarity Presentation Total
35 30 25 10 100

Notes for Open Philately: Philatelic Material will not be less than 50% of the extent of the exhibit and the non-philatelic material will be no thicker than 5 mm to fit into the standard exhibition frames.


The Organising Committee, assisted by the Judges, will award the following trophies/awards:

  1. Howard-White Trophy - Society/Club whose combined entries gained the highest total marks in the Howard - White Inter Society Competition.
  2. Howard-White Individual Trophy - highest individual entry in any class of Howard - White competition.
  3. Jan Kaluski Trophy - highest marks in any class of the Jan Kaluski competition.
  4. Postal History Salver - winning Postal History entry in the Jan Kaluski competition.
  5. Hampshire Hog - Presidents Cup - winning Traditional entry in the Jan Kaluski competition.
  6. Presland Aerophilatelic Salver - winning Aero philatelic entry in the Jan Kaluski competition.
  7. Frank Pegley Thematic Trophy - winning Thematic entry in the Jan Kaluski competition.
  8. Open Philately Award - winning Open Philately entry in the Jan Kaluski competition.
  9. Hiscock Thematic Trophy - awarded to the most promising thematic entry in any Thematic competition, (winner of the Frank Pegley Thematic Trophy is not eligible for this award).
  10. Presland Hampshire 16 Cup - winning entry in any category of the Hampshire Single Frame 16 Sheet Competition.

Trophies will not be awarded for marks below the medal grade of Vermeil.

All entrants, in all competitions, will receive a certificate indicating medal-equivalence as per the table of marks. The detailed marking and judges' comments will be provided on a separate sheet.


The winning Society/Club of the Howard-White trophy, and other individual trophy winners will hold the trophy for one year, or until the next annual competition(s). The Federation will insure the trophies. The winning Society / Club, and individual winners are responsible for the trophies' safekeeping. All trophies must be returned to the Federation in good condition, at least 14 days prior the next annual competition(s).


The decision of the Judges in respect of exhibit marking and awards made, including special awards shall be final.


The Organising Committee reserves the right to:


The Federation's Competition Secretary will administer the Hampex Competitions on behalf of the Federation. The Competition Secretary's mailing address may be found on the entry forms.

Click here to contact the HAMPEX Organising Committee members. For guidance on International Competition and Exhibiting review the General Regulations of the FIP for the Evaluation of Competitive Exhibits at FIP Exhibitions (GREV) on the FIP website below.

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July 2020


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